Enkop Nanyori Conservation Project

Enkop Nanyori is a Non-profit organization based in the USA. Enkop Nanyori means Green Landscape/Planet in Maasai Language from Kenya. Our goal is to facilitates and empowers local people to manage and conserve natural resources within the social, cultural, and economic context of their communities and the World at large.

Our goal is to be able to ensure exclusive inclusivity of communities who are key stakeholders in our tourism trade, therefore practice sustainable tourism as a base of ensuring that there is a balance between the 3P’s of sustainability, the people, the planet and the profit. We seek to create lasting and positive impacts on both the natural habitats and the lives of the people in the areas in which we have a presence, but also recognize that for us to have a thriving economy through tourism, local communities must be engaged in the process and feel the impact of the tourism trade in their lives. We consider that by embracing this inclusive approach in our tourism operations, we will have achieved our purpose as a responsible organization working towards achieving the sustainable development goals.